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Ms. Dilsad Babayigit is one of the most experience and acknowledged recruiters for and in the Life Science Industry. She is very reliable, competent and has a broad network in this industry. Also she has a profound understanding of the client’s requirements in the Biotech and Pharma industry. Dilsad Babayigit is acting highly professional and sustainable in an international environment. Therefore I can keenly recommend Ms. Dilsad Babayigit and I’m looking forward to continue to work with her.

Dilsâd contacted me after I requested some details of a position. She was always very courteous, well prepared and perfectly organized. In the interviews she knows masterfully to play her role. She remains in the background when it is appropriate to do this and acts when it is necessary. Dilsâd has a good sense of people and situations. She responds accordingly spontaneously and correctly.
Whether it is about managers or specialists, I can recommend Dilsâd to both the managers who want to have good employees, but also to the talents that are looking for new challenges.

I known Dilsâd as very experienced recruiter in pharma/biotech for several years. Her approach is based on understanding her client’s requirements well and delivering a high quality service. She manages to do this in a highly approachable, friendly, and professional manner. Dilsâd is very reliable and extremely pleasant to work with. I look forward to working with her in the future again.

Dilsad is one of the most professional and passionate recruiters. What I like about her is very warm followup and care in addition to fast and detailed work with a deep knowledge and experience in pharma industry and the international businesses. Thanks to her, I have got a chance to proceed to the next step of my career.

Dilsâd has excellent knowledge and a great network in the life sciences area. She successfully introduced excellent candidates, even for special job profiles that were really challenging to match.

„Ms. Küppers had helped me a lot this past year in my pursuit for a new job in Germany. She had not just provide me with different offers that were suited for my expertise, but also she took the time to explain to me and help me in the ways and forms the German interviews are. I am really glad that we could work together in this proccess.“

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