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For more than one decade, ageneo is a leader in quality, integrity, and professional and transparent consulting. We are well aware of the fact that every company can only be as successful as its employees are.

Hence, we willingly embrace the responsibility to find the suitable person for your specific need.

As industry experts for life science recruiting, we are a preferred partner of many companies of different size, culture, and focus.

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The interaction and cooperation of own (internal) talents and external workers and freelancers is today’s reality in the professional world.
This is why we as ageneo have developed different solutions for different needs and situations:


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ageneo is one of the leading market experts in the life science industries:


Which references can ageneo provide?
May we kindly refer you to our references-page? Please be aware that we must not disclose every client due to data privacy reasons and due to reasons of discretion.
What is the typical procedure in a recruitment process at ageneo?

We differentiate between permanent placement projects and freelance staffing projects. In both, however, a detailed and specific job briefing is key for the success of the search. In this job briefing, we will discuss your requirements, the framework parameters, and all relevant search criteria with you. On this basis, we will start identifying and sourcing relevant candidates for you.

a) Permanent Placement: Depending on our contractual basis and our agreed service level, we will execute different tasks and services for sourcing candidates. The right mix of tools will plays a significant role for our recruitment project. The following tools are available:

  • Direct Search / Headhunting
  • Active Sourcing
  • Advertisements and social media campaigns

All identified candidates will be pre-screened in an in-depth interview by ageneo and will be evaluated with regards to their degree of fit. Valid and fitting candidates will be introduced to our clients. We accompany both our clients and candidates during the whole interview and onboarding process in an accessible and transparent way.

b) According to the criteria defined in the job briefing, we will identify, source, and interview suitable candidates within a maximum of three working days. The candidates with the highest degree of fit will be presented to our clients. For the freelance staffing, direct and active sourcing are the most successful and important tools.

What does ageneo’s service cost?
You can request our T&C here.

Our fees for the permanent placements are dependent on two aspects: Our agreed service-level and the annual gross salary of the candidate. Our fees are market-compliant.

Our fees for freelance staffing are included in the hourly or daily rates of the placed freelancer.

How long does it take ageneo to provide first candidates?
For permanent placements, it takes about two weeks for providing first matching candidates.

For freelance staffing, it takes 1-3 working days for providing first matching candidates.

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Your contact person

Selma Cevik
Manager Operations
T: +49 (0)89 7263 210 10