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It is a major challenge for every company in the current market to find qualified and culturally „matching“ new employees. Besides the ongoing competition for talent, it is crucial for companies to be visible as an attractive and challenging employer.

Additionally, it is a basic need to know and understand your own need. At this stage, we come into play and help our company partners in evaluating your specific need and defining the according requirements for a recruitment project.

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Dilsâd Babayigit
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Service Management

We work customer-focused and service-oriented.

We are aware that every company, and sometimes even every department, has its own ideas and corresponding needs; it is up to us to adapt to these requirements!

In order to emphasise our service philosophy, we are one of the first recruitment agencies to have established a service department.

Your needs are our top priority!

Do you have questions about contract design, about working with personnel consultancies in general, or about market and industry-relevant issues?

For Companies

You are looking for new employees? The right candidate is more than a good profile? Significant is the ideal combination of skill and personality?

Then we can offer you the right solution! Our recruitment process is structured and well-established:


Assessment of requirements

In the first step, we go through an intense evaluation process with you in order to understand and define your specific need. We focus on both the necessary skill-set and the personality criteria of the candidate we are looking for. We are happy to work out your specific requirements; in this process, we are also keen to give you some initial insight on the candidate market in your field of interest.

„Without a precise briefing and job/skill specification, there is no chance of filling your role.“


Candidate acquisition / sourcing process

As soon as we will have defined the requirements, both on the skill- and the personality-side, we will start sourcing candidates. For this purpose, we will use different sourcing channels. Potential candidates will go through an intense interview process with us before they will be presented to you.

Only when their skills and objectives match with your expectations and offer, we will put the candidate on our shortlist for you.


Candidate presentation / introduction

Potentially matching candidates will be introduced to you. For this purpose we will not forward to you our own CV template, but the candidates‘ CV; we do not want to tamper with the individual CVs of our candidate since we are convinced that you can get a glimpse of the candidate’s personality out of his or her documents.

Additionally, you will receive a summary of our interviews with the according candidates including the following information:

  • Availability / notice period
  • Salary expectation
  • Reason for change
  • Our detailled evaluation of the candidate

Assistance in the interview process and offer

We will assist and accompany you throughout the whole interview process. We are happy to help you with the organisation of the interviews, which we can also conduct on-site in our offices.

When you have made your decision for one of the candidates, we will, of course, also help you in setting up the offer and „closing“ the candidate.


Onboarding and follow-up assistance

We know that there can still something go wrong in the onboarding phase. Hence, we will also assist you in the onboarding phase and offer follow-up assistance when the candidate has already started to work for you.


Frau Babayigit stellt mit ihrem Team von ageneo den Faktor Mensch bei der Personalberatung in den Vordergrund. Sie besitzt ein feines Gespür dafür, welche Kandidaten zu welchem Unternehmen passen. Meine Vermittlung verlief vom ersten Kontakt bis zum Vertragsabschluss äußerst professionell und vor allem menschlich angenehm. Ich fühlte mich auf den Bewerbungsprozess sehr gut vorbereitet. Vor allem fasziniert mich, dass ich beim Unternehmen vor Ort genau das gefunden habe, was mir beschrieben wurde. Meine persönlichen Vorlieben wurden mit großer Sorgfalt berücksichtigt.

Dr. Marc Sönnichsen, Director Integrated Solutions

Ms. Dilsad Babayigit is one of the most experience and acknowledged recruiters for and in the Life Science Industry. She is very reliable, competent and has a broad network in this industry. Also she has a profound understanding of the client’s requirements in the Biotech and Pharma industry. Dilsad Babayigit is acting highly professional and sustainable in an international environment. Therefore I can keenly recommend Ms. Dilsad Babayigit and I’m looking forward to continue to work with her.

Hans-Peter Casel, General Manager

Von einer Zusammenarbeit mit Ageneo kann man nur profitieren. Insbesondere Frau Nadja Küppers überzeugt durch ihr Engagement, ihre Professionalität und ihre äußert angenehme Persönlichkeit. Sie setzte sich kritisch mit der zu besetzenden Position auseinander und weiß sehr gut einzuschätzen, wo eventuelle Knackpunkte liegen könnten. Ich schätze an Frau Küppers überaus, dass es ihr nicht einfach nur um die Vermittlung eines Kandidaten geht, sondern dass sie auch sehr großen Wert darauf legt, dass der Kandidat von seiner Persönlichkeit her auch zu dem Unternehmen passt und somit auch wirklich eine erfolgreiche und zufriedene Zusammenarbeit auf beiden Seiten entstehen kann. Deshalb möchte ich mich hier für die bisherige sehr gute und vertrauensvolle Zusammenarbeit recht herzlich bedanken.

Vera Wagner, Personalreferentin

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Dilsâd Babayigit
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