ageneo-Mitarbeiter* und Geschäftspartner melden sich zu Wort: Von unseren Consultants bis hin zur Geschäftsleitung und langjährigen Wegbegleitern – hier hat jeder eine Meinung. Die Kollegen berichten über ihren Weg zur Personalberatung, was ihnen bei ageneo gefällt und geben Tipps für potenzielle Bewerber. Geschäftspartner berichten über Inside-News aus den Life-Sciences und vieles mehr.

In unserer Serie „AGENEO PRESENTS THE MEMBERS OF INRALS” sprechen wir mit Geschäftsführern des von ageneo mitbegründeten INRALS-Netzwerkes, dem International Network of Recruiting Agencies in Life Sciences.  


In unserer heutigen Ausgabe:  Ann-Marie Heiskanen – Executive Consultant bei Nordic Progress Oy (Finnland)



Dear Ann-Marie, would you please present yourself and your company!

My name is Ann-Marie Heiskanen and I work for a company called Nordic Progress Oy in Finland. My expertise lies within life science, covering recruitments as well as strategic HR, solution-oriented coaching and change management. I have worked in the pharmaceutical industry for nearly ten years in sales, marketing as well as clinical research. In addition I have also worked as Director of Human Resources and Development for nearly 10 years.

Nordic Progress has helped its customers succeed in finding the right people and developing their personnel since 1991. Our services include headhunting, recruiting, aptitude tests, talent management, coaching, outplacement and outsourcing.

We will find the right people and right skills, quality guaranteed.


Why and when did you join INRALS?

Nordic Progress joined INRALS in 2014 to strengthen co-operation with international colleagues and to ad value to our clients who operate in a global environment. Shared best practises and the possibility to share knowledge over the globe is very appreciated from our point of view.



What advice could you give our clients when it comes to filling open vacancies during the Corona-Pandemic?

I would say, take advantage of the situation and think out of the box!

New knowledge and talent has been demanded during this pandemic and much good has also come out of it, by shaking our believes.  Inventive ways of working and collaboration has become a necessity and we have all put in lots of hours to find best practises to survive.

The new normal will show it´s face in the future but we have to have courage to carry on with business today, as it is.

Keeping our focus on a longer time scale might help us see a bigger picture. It´s often easy to lose focus in a crisis, but by re-setting our needs to a wider perspective may clear our vision concerning e.g. recruitments.

Filling open vacancies now have put extra pressure on many companies but the situation has influenced also employees.  This might actually be a perfect time to find just the right talent you need.


What do you like most about your field of work?

I enjoy working with people because it is always a two way street. I get to help both organisations and clients and the biggest reward is to see a puzzle “click”. When working with people you are also mirrored all the time and you learn and grow.

-“What goes around comes around”- is a good rule to remember in this job.


What was the funniest thing that happened to you at work?

Last autumn I had several ongoing projects at the time and a really hectic schedule. I remember one client called me when I was in the middle of something and I answered the phone by my maden name. She was quite confused and asked if I had changed my name. I told her that I had gotten married some time ago and mixed up the names. What I did not tell her was that I acctually got married 16 years ago! It was so embarrassing that I could not tell her the truth. I think my “hard drive“ was totally over loaded at the moment.


Ann-Marie, we thank you for your time and these insights!

If you want to learn more about our inrals-partners, stay tuned!


Carolyn Klein – Marketing Associate


*Allein aus Gründen der besseren Lesbarkeit wird bei der Personenbezeichnung in diesem Beitrag auf die gleichzeitige Verwendung männlicher und weiblicher Sprachformen verzichtet. Die verkürzte Sprachform hat lediglich redaktionelle Gründe und beinhaltet keinerlei Wertung. Sämtliche Personenbezeichnungen gelten für alle Geschlechter.