ageneo-Mitarbeiter* und Geschäftspartner melden sich zu Wort: Von unseren Consultants bis hin zur Geschäftsleitung und langjährigen Wegbegleitern – hier hat jeder eine Meinung. Die Kollegen berichten über ihren Weg zur Personalberatung, was ihnen bei ageneo gefällt und geben Tipps für potenzielle Bewerber. Geschäftspartner berichten über Inside-News aus den Life-Sciences und vieles mehr.


In unserer Serie „AGENEO PRESENTS THE MEMBERS OF INRALS” sprechen wir mit Geschäftsführern des von ageneo mitbegründeten INRALS-Netzwerkes, dem International Network of Recruiting Agencies in Life Sciences.  


In unserer heutigen Ausgabe:  Michael Thiele – Mitbegründer und Partner bei LIM Global Consulting Sl (Spanien)

Dear Michael, would you please present yourself and your company!

I am Michael Thiele, co-founder and Partner of LIM Global, based in Barcelona, Spain. But I am originally from Germany. After a successful career as an Executive in the Medical Device industry and having lived in several countries in Europe and the US, I decided together with my Partner, Ignacio Odriozola, to start our own company LIM Global, 20 years ago in 2000. We are Life Sciences experts and work C-level and General Management to key positions in middle management especially for SME and startups. We fill vacancies across the value chain from R&D, Clinical and Medical Affairs to Sales & Marketing. We put a lot of emphasis on a detailed briefing with the client not only to know their exact need but to understand their culture and corporate environment which are the key to success for the selected candidate.  Because of our extensive Life Science industry experience we are able to turn into our clients’ ambassadors and to attract talent with an in-depth knowledge of what we are talking about.


Why and when did you join INRALS?

We joined INRALS in 2013 just after Michel Vandycke and Jan Derks had started the association. Michel explained the idea to us and we immediately bought into it: as the acronyms indicate INRALS is an international network of Life Science experts with a strong focus on quality and integrity. We feel that sharing clients and best practices is extremely beneficial for all members. After working with our international partners for many years there is trust. We rely on each other.

What advice could you give our clients when it comes to filling open vacancies during the Corona-Pandemic?

We are all aware that the SARS-CoV 2 pandemic has changed the world and the way we look at things and how we manage them. What we do not know is how the “new normal” will look like. This means things are changing but we do not know exactly what, how and when. One learning point is that even if a specific position profile has not changed, the skills to be successful did change. You need people with increased flexibility who adapt quickly to changing environments. These were skills required by startups not so much in established companies. Now this is different. You need to pay more attention to this and hire people who have these skills because they are now crucial in all corporate environments. Previous experience is relatively less significant.


What do you like most about your field of work?

The best thing about our work is that being in the Life Science industry, our job is not only about doing well but also about doing good. Being able to help patients with our “indirect” contribution by bringing new technology and treatment options to the market is always an extremely rewarding motivation for me to do my very best.


What was the funniest thing that happend to you at work?

Well, there are a lot of funny things happening when you talk to a lot of people as we do in our business every day. Recently, I had to organize a video interview of a candidate for a C-level position with a physician. I was the host and introduced the candidate to the KOL and then supposedly disconnected my camera and micro but had to stay connected because I was the host. This was a very important meeting. But around 5 minutes into the interview both participants suddenly disconnected. I immediately called the KOL to see what had happend. He said: “We are still talking on the phone but had to disconnect because you did not switch off your micro and we were listening to your conversation which was very interesting but not really practical.” This was more than funny and also quite embarrassing. Things that happen in the current situation when you have 8 hours of video meetings almost every day.


Michael, we thank you for your time and these insights!

If you want to learn more about our inrals-partners, stay tuned!


Carolyn Klein – Marketing Associate


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