Sept, 12.09.2022

Last week, ageneo Life Science hosted Sandra van Putten, Lead Recruitment Consultant, from our INRALS-partner from The Netherlands, Derks and Derks. The visit was part of INRALS‘ Exchange Program – a program to helps consultants from all INRALS-partners to connect globally, exchange ideas, and develop new skills.


Sandra spent a fruitful day in our offices in Munich full of joy and exchange of ideas and best practices. After a brief warm-up session where ageneo’s consultants met Sandra and got to know each other, Dilsâd Babayigit, ageneo’s CEO, showed Sandra the way ageneo works and is structured. Zier Lao, Consultant in the Interim-Business from ageneo, gave more in-depth information about the contract unit and ageneo’s main areas of interest.


Sandra van Putten - Intro

After that, Sandra gave us an insight into Derks & Derks’ structure and corporate strategy. This opened a discussion about legal aspects and differences between the countries, which are the framework of the way recruitment business can be done.


All in all, this was a great visit and a very insightful day. We want to thank you, Sandra, for visiting us and sharing your experience that openly with us. We also want to thank Jan Derks, owner and CEO of Derks&Derks for making this possible.

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About INRALS –

INRALS – International Network of Recruitment Agencies in Life Sciences

Initiated in 2012 by Jan Derks (Derks & Derks) and Michel Vandycke, INRALS brings together Recruitment and Outsourcing Agencies that are active in Life Sciences. In today’s global markets, multinationals exhibit a strong preference for internationally organized recruitment agencies, which forms a significant challenge to nationally organized agencies. INRALS aims to meet this challenge by providing a platform for international collaboration as well as informal exchange of know-how and experience.